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Our direction  

Target Secondary and Rural Markets.

By targeting secondary and rural markets, we believe that we are able to garner a higher local market share than attainable in more competitive urban markets, which reduces our exposure to customer churn and improves financial returns. In certain niche markets waste treatment and disposal, early mover advantage in certain rural basins may improve market positioning and financial returns given the limited availability of existing third party-owned waste disposal alternatives.

Control the Waste Stream.

In markets where waste collection services are provided under exclusive arrangements, or where waste disposal is municipally owned or funded or available at multiple sources, we believe that controlling the waste stream through the provision of collection services is often more important to our profitability and growth than owning or operating landfills. 

Optimize Asset Positioning.

We believe that the location of disposal sites within competitive markets is a critical success factor in both solid waste services. Given the importance and costs associated with the transportation of waste to treatment and disposal sites, having disposal capacity proximate to the waste stream may provide a competitive advantage and serve as a barrier to entry.

Manage on a Decentralized Basis.

We manage our operations on a decentralized basis. This places decision-making authority close to the customer, enabling us to identify and address customers’ needs quickly in a cost-effective manner. We believe that decentralization provides a low-overhead, highly efficient operational structure that allows us to expand into geographically contiguous markets and operate in relatively small communities that larger competitors may not find attractive. We believe that this structure gives us a strategic competitive advantage, given the relatively rural nature of many of the markets in which we operate, and makes us an attractive buyer to many potential acquisition candidates.

Purpose & Values


Honoring our commitments provides our stakeholders peace of mind and establishes us as the premier waste services company in the markets we serve. This creates a safe and rewarding environment for our employees while protecting the health and welfare of the communities we serve, thereby increasing value for our shareholders.

Our Operating Values : 

  1. Safety 
  2. Integrity 
  3. Customer Service
  4. To be Great Place to Work !
  5. To be the Premier Waste Services Company in South East Asia



Company History

Our Journey  


16. 01. 2015

Bright Green Beginnings

After 10 months of of research & development of the BlackHOLE solution , we incorporated the company to spearhead the change in waste management in Malaysia .

The Golden Years

Working with various local industry leaders in Waste Management whom has been ever supportive in our solution , we managed to get a testing with a local private recycler whom has been managing and disposing waste for Nestle Malaysia . All types of waste was tested such as MSW , packaging waste , food waste , organic sludge , tyres , landscaping waste .

International Recognition

Visit by partners from Australia , Sri Lanka , United States of America , Switzerland whom has signed an agreement to spearhead the solution in their respective regions

Waste Management Today

Working with local authority in Malaysia to solve a domestic waste management which not only involving waste disposal but also power generation which can assists low income user . Received order from the US Philadelphia State - Transfer Station to have a BlackHOLE placement . Diversifying the solution for other waste areas beside municipal solid waste
BlackHOLE solution has opened up the market especially in South East Asia while offering a solution that can dispose waste at source as well as being mobile We are partners of Alam Avani Sdn Bhd and have been focusing in Myanmar , Laos & Cambodia and the feedback has been positive !
Kelvin Tham KleberTech
Alam Avani Sdn Bhd has provided great deal of research and development to assists us in securing the Transfer Station deal in Philadelphia . We are looking forward for Alam Avani presence in the USA within the 3rd quarter of 2017 .
TeslaGreen INC
Todd Jones TeslaGreen INC

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